September 13, 2012

Valle grad wins music contest

NASHVILLE, Tennessee Ė A 2011 graduate of Valle Catholic High School has won a music contest sponsored by a radio station in the country music capital of the world, Nashville, Tennessee.

Kierstan Wolk (left) and Kristina Schaefer

Kierstan Wolk will be performing along with her room-mate, Kristina Schaefer, tonight at an Easton Corbin launch party. Kierstan plays the guitar while Kristina does the vocals.

She said she has always had an interest in music and is a big fan of Green Day, but her cousin Alex Huck, who also plays guitar, really sparked her interest to learn how to play.

She started guitar lessons when she was 14 years old with Music Makers in Farmington.

She is now in her second year at Belmont University in Nashville where she is working on a bachelorís degree in music business.

While still at Valle she made contact with a music label in St. Louis which led to an internship in Nashville with 38 Entertainment.

Kierstan and her room-mate, Kristina Schaefer, entered the contest to be the opening act for Easton Corbin's Launch Party in Nashville tonight.

"After hearing Blown Away off of Carrie's new album, I was SO excited to cover it! This songís gives me chills. Carrie is unbelievably talented and my biggest inspiration. My roomie Kierstan is accompanying me on guitar. Thank you all so much for watching and I really hope you like it! God bless :) xo Kristina," Kristina posted on the duoís entry.

Click here to view Kristina and Kierstanís first place entry:

The girlsí excitement mounted when they learned they were among five finalists.

Now they had to get the most votes on Facebook to claim the top prize.

"Ste Genevieve may be a small town but we have big support," Kierstanís mother, Sara Wolk stated.

Then came the phone call Tuesday morning with the exciting news. Kierstan and Kristina received the most votes and the top prize of going on stage tonight.

Hereís how the voting went according to the 98 WSIX website:

Who Should Be Easton Corbin's Opening Act?

Finalist 1: @MusicKristina 32.73 percent

Finalist 2: Sarah Kirkland 21.82 percent

Finalist 3: Savannah Shaw 1.56 percent

Finalist 4: Mitchell Tenpenny and Brad Clawson 26.88 percent

Finalist 5: Josh Mullins 17.01 percent

They will be performing from 7:15 to 7:45 p.m., will be meeting Easton Corbin and will introduce him on stage.

"The girls are so excited and have been practicing non-stop. Although they did take a few minutes out to get new outfits," Sara Wolk added.

This isnít their first singing collaboration, the girls recently did some recording for Dan Mitchell who is a well-known singer, songwriter and producer in Nashville.

Her mom says Kierstanís focus in school is on the business side of the music industry and she is leaning towards a career in tour management, but is really excited about actually playing guitar with Kristina and seeing where this new venture may lead.

Kierstan also said that they were amazed by the overwhelming amount of support and good wishes they received from the community and they are so grateful and thankful.