Music Man Medley (Meredith Wilson)


Suite Judy Blue Eyes
Teach Your Children (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young)

Tom Durham, Tom and Pat Prost
& Vince Friedel

Cantastic (Terry Rousseau) Rhythm Rockers
Directed by Bill and Kathy Fischer

Chris Zach, Joel Fischer, Allison Ernst,
Brandon Pingel, Alicia and Landon Petzoldt & Anna Esswein

The Prayer (Carol Bayer Sager & David Foster)

Todd and Tammy Petzoldt

If a Girl Isn't Pretty (Jule Styne's "Funny Girl")

Tracie Prost, Joyce Soto, Peggy Welker
& Lulu Pingel

I'm the Greatest Star ("Funny Girl")

Kelly Prost

Sarah Brown Eyes
Your Daddy's Son
(Stephen Flaherty's "Ragtime")

Joy Donze and Nick Gremaud

Les Miserables - Les Miz Medley
(Boublil & Schonberg)

Barb Abernathy

"At the End of the Day" Anne Donze, Tammy and Todd Petzoldt, Bill and Don Wingerter
"I Dreamed a Dream" Bob Prost and Mary Esswein
"Castle on a Cloud" Alicia Petzoldt and Anna Esswein
"Do You Hear the People Sing?"
"On My Own,: "Bring Him Home,"
and "Finale"
Accompanist: Tyson Wunderlich
Dancers: Alyssa Kapp and
Alicia Petzoldt


Fiddler on the Roof (Harnick & Bock)
"Tradition," Sabbath Prayer," "Matchmaker," "Sunrise, Sunset," and "To Life"

Accompanist: Kathy Fischer
Violinist: Sr. Marilyn Schneider
Clarinetist: Mary Nations

Elephant Love Medley  (Moulin Rouge)

Stephanie Robinson and Matt Brandt

March Militaire (Franz Schubert)

Michelle Kapp and
Sr. Marilyn Schneider

"Shades of Sound" Singers
"Lion Sleeps Tonight"   "My Girl"

Marcia Moylan, Lulu Pingel,
Bill and Kathy Fischer,
Vicki Ernst, Newman Fair, Vince Friedel

Voci di Primavera (J. Strauss)

John and Mary Esswein

God Bless America:
Affirming Our Faith and Freedom (Tom Fettke)


I. Freedom's Holy Light "My Country Tis of Thee,"
"God Bless America"
II. His Truth is Marching On "Battle Hymn of the Republic,"
"God of Our Fathers"
III. The Land of the Free "The Star Spangled Banner,"
 "America the Beautiful," and
 "God Bless America"
Laugh-In Vignettes

Jane Baer and Terrell Weaver