A musical review
Produced by Mary Wingerter Esswein
Associate Producer - Bill Wingerter, Sr.

Sponsored by: St. Vincent Educational Foundation, Inc.
to Benefit St. Vincent Schools

St. Vincent Educational Foundation, Inc.
Board of Directors
Rev. Kevin P. Fausz, C.M. Ex-Officio
Mike Kutz, President
Mike Blair, Vice President
Evelyn Rehagen, Secretary
Susie Nuyt, Treasurer
Betty Klump
Barb Graf
Ralph Cissell
Diana Buchheit
Dan Coffey
Michelle Clifton

Wehmeyer Printing, Bill and Kathy Fischer, Sr. Marilyn Schneider,
Tyson Wunderlich, Joel Huey & his computer expertise.

A special thanks to Tim Thompson, Marvin Blevins
and the Perry Park Center

Plants courtesy of Steve & Julie King's Greenhouse

Master of Ceremonies
John Lambert

Chorus Director - Bill Fischer
Chorus Accompanist - Kathy Fischer & Sr. Marilyn Schneider

Soprano Alto Tenor
Barb Abernathy Vicki Ernst Newman Fair
Anne Donze Louise Finger Vince Friedel
Mary Esswein Kathy Fischer Troy Kiefer
Janet Hotop Mae Lawrence Bob Modde
Sue Robinson Debbie Gahan Pat Prost
Sr. Marilyn Schneider Marcia Moylan Lee Unterreiner
Diane Schumer Tammy Petzoldt Beill Wingerter
Margie Winschel Lulu Pingel
Bass Pianists Lighting
Jim Meyer Kathy Fischer Greg Wheeler, Chairman
Todd Petzoldt Sr, Marilyn Schneider Clyde Hotop
Job Pontillas Tyson Wunderlich Joe Shea
Bob Prost
John Prost
Don Wingerter
John Young
Stage Sound
Linda Wibbenmeyer,
Stage Manager
Kevin Lorenz
John Esswein
Mike Kutz
Mike Blair

Props Construction
Debbie Gahan ~ Kathy Fischer

Design ~ Program Cover & Stage Back-drop ~ Debbie Gahan
Program Ads ~ Bill Winderger, Sr.