November 2, 2017

Alumni opposed to funding boys’ soccer at SVHS

PERRYVILLE -- The following is a statement from the Board of Directors of the St. Vincent Alumni Association:

Fellow Alumni, Family, and Friends:

We would like to thank you for your continued support of the St. Vincent Alumni Association. The continued donation of your money and time truly help to support the Object of this organization.

Lately, there have been comments and discussion in the public regarding a boys’ soccer team at St. Vincent High School. It is the Board’s belief that the focus of the St. Vincent Administration should be not only on retention of current students, but also on increasing enrollment as a whole. Upon research regarding this matter, it is our belief that, with the current enrollment at St. Vincent, the addition of another boys fall sport would not be feasible or sustainable at this time. The St. Vincent Alumni Association will not fund boys’ soccer.

The Board of Directors pledge that the Alumni Association will always work with St. Vincent Administration and any other organization who wishes to increase enrollment numbers at St. Vincent Schools.

God bless St. Vincent High School. St. Vincent de Paul, pray for us