March 17, 2017

Jason Smith overturns lead ammo ban

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Jason Smith’s letter to President Trump resulted in the Obama-era lead ban being overturned last week by Ryan Zinke in one of his first acts as U.S. Department of Interior Secretary.

The "midnight rule" from the Obama Administration was set to ban lead ammunition and fishing tackle from being used on any public lands. The affected areas in Missouri’s 8th Congressional District included Mark Twain National Forest, Wappapello Lake and Clearwater Lake.

"The last minute rule issued by the Obama Administration was simply unacceptable," said Congressman Smith. "The regulatory red tape thrown up by unelected bureaucrats over the last eight years is exactly what the American people soundly rejected when they elected Donald Trump in November."

Congressman Smith’s letter highlighted why the ban was problematic noting that there are no scientific studies linking lead ammunition or tackle to a negative impact on species population or ecosystems on a local or regional level. The letter also notes the opportunistic timing of the Obama Administration, releasing the "midnight rule" without notice and without giving stakeholders a chance to comment.

"This rule had no basis in science and was written without any input from those most affected by its enactment. Sportsmen and fishermen are some of our country’s greatest conservationists. This order only served to hinder them from participating in the recreational use of federal lands they’ve enjoyed for decades," said Congressman Smith. "I look forward to working with Secretary Zinke and the President to continue expanding access to public lands and protecting the rights of sportsmen and fishermen."