March 16, 2017

Photo Voter ID meetings held for election officials

JEFFERSON CITY ó Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft announced that his elections staff, including co-directors Chrissy Peters (D) and Brandon Alexander (R), hosted their fourth of seven regional meetings with local election authorities yesterday.

"These regional meetings provide our staff a great opportunity to build relationships with local election authorities and their employees who work on the front lines with voters every day," Ashcroft said. "Itís important that they know we have resources available for them already and will continue to provide them information and assistance as it is needed. Itís an open discussion; we are listening to suggestions and considering ways we can work together to make the transition to photo voter ID as seamless as possible. We need Missouri voters to know that if they are registered to vote, they can vote."

The regional meetings offer elections staff an opportunity to walk local election officials through the photo ID requirements that will be effective for the August 2017 Special Elections and introduce some of the printed items that help define the photo voter ID changes. Elections staff presents an easy-to-follow voting flowchart that is available online at the Secretary of Stateís "Show It 2 Vote" website. The web address is

Since March 3, elections staff have held a statewide conference call, visited the northeast, southwest and mid-Missouri regions, and met with St. Louis area election officials yesterday. Later this week, meetings will be held in the Southeast and Kansas City/West regions concluding on Friday.

Last week, Secretary of State staff visited with local elections officials at Greene County Public Safety Center. "Open communication has been a clear goal set forth by Secretary Ashcroft since being sworn in to office," Greene County Clerk Shane Schoeller said. "That was clearly evident when we discussed important details regarding the effective implementation of the voter approved requirement. We look forward to this continuing."

Eric Fey (D), co-director of St. Louis County Board of Elections, appreciated the meeting. "The St. Louis County Election Board was pleased to have the opportunity to confer with the Secretary of Stateís office regarding the implementation of the new photo voter ID law," he said. Feyís colleague, co-director Rick Stream (R), added, "It is our hope that this type of engagement with local election authorities will continue as we move forward with this implementation."

Facts about the photo voter ID law may be found at If a voter needs assistance to obtain an ID to vote or has questions, calls may be made to the ShowIt2Vote Hotline at 866-868-3245.