March 7, 2017

First ozone report of the year looks good

PERRYVILLE – The first ozone report of the season is in and it shows levels well below allowable limits across the state.

"Well, the first report for the season is in and a copy is attached. As you can see, both monitors, for that matter, all monitors in Missouri, are comfortably below allowable levels of ground-level ozone which, under the current standard is 70 parts per billion (ppb)," David Grimes, who watches the numbers for the Southeast Missouri Regional Planning and Economic Development Commission.

He said the "design value" is the three-year rolling average of the fourth highest readings.

"This is the "key" number since it is the one that nonattainment areas are based on," he said. "The "CV" value is the Critical Value. This is the number that cannot be exceeded in 2017 for the design value to remain within standards. For Bonne Terre this means that as long as the fourth highest reading does not exceed 83ppb the monitor will remain in compliance. For Farrar that value is 77 ppb."

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has added a couple of tabs at the bottom of the sheet.

The "Monthly Stats" tab shows how many, if any, exceedances are noted for each monitor in the state by month. The "Chart 1" tab simply provides a graph showing how many monitors show exceedances.

"In sum then, we can say "so far, so good." But we haven’t gone very far at all. In fact, in the past, the season wouldn’t even be starting for another month. So let’s remember all of those things we’ve been talking about for years now. Stop at the click. Watch your idling. Plan your trips. Keep your car tuned up and the tires properly inflated," Grimes said.