March 6, 2017

Police say donations have met needs

PERRYVILLE – The Perryville Police Department on Friday issued the following news release regard donations to the victims of Tuesday’s tornado.

The support from our neighbors from across the State of Missouri has been, to say the least, overwhelming. Due to the generous donations that have poured into our community since the Tuesday evening tornado and storms we have determined that all physical needs have been met. Thank you to everyone who has supported our community since this tragic event.

At this time the City of Perryville will not be accepting any donations of physical goods.

The only needs that we currently are aware of are for pet items. Those donations are being coordinated by a local volunteer who manages the animal rescue effort for this event and owns a boarding facility in our community. Anyone wishing to help can call Trish Riney at 573.517.8027.

If you have additional donations please consider your local food banks and disaster relief organizations who may have needs due to their support of our recent disaster.