March 6, 2017

Macy’s Place is designated for lost, found pets

PERRYVILLE -- In Perryville, the Unified Command has designated Macy's Place as the location for dropping off found animals or reporting found and lost pets due to the tornado which tore through Perry County on Tuesday, February 28, 2017.

Trish Riney, owner of Macy's Place has been designated as the Incident Commander for the recovery of found animals.

She may be contacted directly at (573) 517-8027 or through the Perryville Police Department or Perry County Sheriff's Department.

Additional kennels have been brought into Macy's place to house animals that have been displaced by the storm.

If storm victims have an animal that are in need of boarding either short term or daily; please contact Riney, as she is currently coordinating those needs as well.

Trish and her husband Keith Riney have been trained by the Human Society of Missouri in animal rescue during a disaster.

According to Riney, "The need for one central location to take animals is essential in the process of reuniting an animal with its love ones." If we have people picking up animals and taking them home or other places, we do not know where to send residents when they come looking for their pet and we have no way to guarantee their safety. We also have food, treats, animal bedding, and toys that have been donated to help with the recovery effort."

No other rescue group is endorsed at this time to pick up or house animal by the Unified Command.