March 3, 2017

Outage numbers fall below 100

PERRYVILLE Citizens Electric announced last night that nearly 48 hours after a tornado cut a swath across Perry County the number of members without electricity had falls to fewer than 100.

Shawn Seabaugh said Citizens Electric crews and teams from other cooperatives and one third-party contractor restored the majority of residential members by 7:30 last night.

"The few remaining outages are in locations that were heavily damaged, continue to be blocked with debris or are at the end of circuits that sustained significant damage," Seabaugh stated in a news release. "A number of agricultural facilities in the McBride area are also without power."

Seabaugh estimated that fewer than 100 members were without power going into the third night.

"We fully anticipate to have all members that can take power restored by Friday afternoon," he said, giving credit to the CEC employees and the crews from the assisting cooperatives."

Seabaugh said CEC also thanked the community for its support as the crews restored over 2,000 outages in 48 hours.