March 3, 2017

Mayor Baer talks with White House official

PERRYVILLE -- Thursday morning the residents of Perryville and Perry County were on President Trump's mind. Billy Kirkland, White House Public Liaison Officer phoned Perryville Mayor Ken Baer.

According to Kirkland, "We want to be able to brief the President on most current issues facing the residents of Perryville." He went on to say, "The President would like to extend his condolences to all of the families affected by the tornado and wants to offer any resources needed to help in the recovery process."

According to Mayor Ken Baer it was a wonderful conversation; stating he had briefed Kirkland on the current situation facing Perryville and Perry County.

Mayor Baer stated, "Mr. Kirkland was very compassionate and offered the assistance of the White House in the recovery effort."