March 2, 2017

Congressman Smith hails President Trumpís speech

WASHINGTON, D.C. Ė Congressman Jason Smith has released the following statement on President Trumpís speech to congress earlier this week.

"Tonight we heard from a president determined to return the United States to its rightful place in the world. A place that has a strong military, takes care of its veterans, and supports working Americans. We heard about the U.S. returning to a place where you can see the doctor of your choice, children have access to a good education and where the safety and security of millions of American citizens living within our borders comes first. I am determined to work WITH and support our President in his efforts to return our country to that great place.

What we heard tonight stood in stark contrast to the empty rhetoric delivered to one side of the aisle over the last eight years. We heard actual plans to shrink the size of government and to get Washington bureaucrats off the backs of Midwest families, farmers, and small business owners. We heard the real steps which will be taken to reduce the tax burden suffocating so many middle class families. It was clearly stated that from here on out, the American worker always comes first. I hope all of my colleagues are as eager and determined as I am to put American middle class families, farmers and businesses first. I share in the excitement that millions felt last November and will fight alongside our new president to help advance policies which return the United States to a place where families feel safe and where farmers and businesses want to expand and hire.

Our work is just beginning, but to have a president in the oval office committed to using his pen to sign pro-worker, pro-family, and pro-farmer legislation instead of vetoing it has put us all closer to obtaining the American dream inherent to being a citizen of this great nation."