KSGM/KBDZ Chester City Election Coverage brought to you by Reids' Harvest House of Chester">




KSGM/KBDZ Chester City Election Coverage brought to you by Reids' Harvest House of Chester, IL

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Ward 1 - Incumbent Dan Colvis & Nancy Crossland

Ward 2 - Incumbent Carolyn Schwent & Richard Brueggeman

Ward 4 - Incumbent Clint Cowan & Kevin Woods

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Two of three incumbents win re-election in Chester

Two of the three incumbents seeking re-election to the Chester City Council won their races Tuesday.

In Ward 1, incumbent Dan Colvis lost his bid for re-election to Nancy Crossland 196-151. In Ward 2, incumbent Carolyn Schwent won re-election as she defeated Richard Brueggeman 159-81.

The closest race of the night came in Ward 4 as incumbent Clint Cowan defeated his challenger Kevin Woods 193-188.

Crossland, Schwent, Cowan and Russ Rader who ran unopposed in Ward 3, will all be sworn in at the next city council meeting on Monday, May 7.

Three were running unopposed for re-election to the school board of Chester Unit School District #139. They were Jess Cushman (1,287), Mitch Hammel (1,151) and Shane Rock (940).

More election returns in Southwest Randolph County

In other elections around southwest Randolph County, three ran unopposed for the Board of Trustees in Rockwood. They were Kenneth Rushing (12), Irving Tucker (12) and Toni Straight (11).

In the race for seats on the Board of Trustees in Ruma, Steven Mudd (34), Jerry Brown (33) and Robert Roy (32) were elected. Teresa Mae Reeves also ran and received 16 votes.

In Ellis Grove, incumbent Village Clerk Linda Butler won re-election as she defeated Andrea Hogan 86-45. There were three running unopposed for four year terms on for Village Trustee. They were Glenn McCoy (106), Tony James (96) and Shawn Bert (96). Dallas Thompson ran unopposed for a two year term and received 113 votes.

Residents in Evansville elected three individual to four year terms as trustees. The three are Ronald Heinen (156), Danny Schilling (122) and Nick Schoenberger (84). Also running in Evansville were Joe Krack (77) and Clifford Mankiewicz (34).

Voters in Percy elected three to four year terms on the Village Board of Trustees. The winners are Jacqueline Young (159), David Rednour (135) and Lila Ashby (88). Also running were Suzi Kraus (76), Kenneth Jacoby (60), Angela Dagner (56), and Ray Joe Rickenberg (37).

Red Bud will have a new mayor as incumbent John Horrell lost to his challenger Ken Mueller 644-430.

There were three aldermen races in Red Bud. In Ward 1, Glenn Linnertz defeated Clem Esker 114-65. In Ward 3, Dennis Braun defeated Larry Mehring 142-48 and in Ward 4, William Shubert defeated Angelique Miller-Seger 211-196.

In Sparta, incumbent Mayor Randy Bertetto lost his re-election bid to Rob Link 544-462. In the race for seats on the City Council, Gary Stephens (776), Charlie Kelley (659), Jason Schlimme (514) and David Boston (504) were elected. Also running were incumbent Marsha Schwartz (484), Richard Cavalier (473), Alan Ashbrook (419) and Mike Cater (219).

In the race for seats on the Board of Education of Sparta Unit School District #140, David Holder (1,079), Stephanie Smith (945), Cindy Dean (908) and Stephanie Corum (894) were elected. Also running were incumbent Dana Weber (713) and Bob Baue (685).

Four were elected to the Board of Education of Prairie du Rocher School District #134. The four winners are Ernest Peiffer, Jr. (87), Karla Elms (80), Mark Laurent (73) and Pamela Clerc (70). Harry Glenn also ran and received 61 votes.

Three were elected to the Board of Education of Red Bud School District #132. The three winners are Diane Schoenbeck (883), Larry Gielow (878) and Wes Stellhorn (848). Jeanne Stamm also ran and received 802 votes.

In the race for the unexpired term in Road District #2 commissioner, Matt Young won the race with 1,385 votes to 1,184 votes for Richard Holley. Richard Roche finished third with 373 votes.