November 6, 2017

Chester City Council meets tonight

A busy agenda will be waiting for the Chester City Council tonight at city hall.

On the agenda, the council is expected to approve Mayor Tom Page's appointments of Collette Powley, Brandy Maes, Steve Jany, Sarah Roth, Jessica Bland, Chris Koeneman and Melinda Pierson to the Park Board. They could also approve the appointment of Shane Wagner to the Beautification/Tourism Commission.

A proposal from Korando Heating and Cooling for a new furnace/air conditioning system for city hall could be approved.

The council could determine the amount of property tax to be levied in 2017, payable in 2018 and could also approve an audit for Fiscal Year 2017.

A yearly request from Richard Mueller to plant a 2018 spring crop on Cohen property could be approved.

Aaron Gibbs could be approved as an auxiliary firefighter during tonight's meeting.

There are two ordinances on the agenda for tonight. The first would authorize the sale of roller skates from the former Chester Skateland while the other would authorize the sale of a Yamaha 4-wheeler for parts.

Also tonight, the council could set the date of December 8 for the city's Christmas party, approve the purchase of holiday gift cards for city employees, approve to purchase flags for the Boy Scouts and accept an insurance program by the Illinois Counties Risk Management Trust which would go into effect on December 1.

The council will meet at 6pm tonight in their chambers at city hall. The meeting is open to the public.