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January 25, 2013

Changing of the warden at the Menard Correctional Center

The Illinois Department of Corrections has made some more changes at the Menard Correctional Center.

Chester native Michael Atchison, who had been Warden at Menard, has been appointed Deputy Chief of Operations at Menard. The new acting warden is Rick Harrington of Ellis Grove.

According to a story in this weekís County Journal newspaper, Harrington began his career with the Illinois Department of Corrections in 1994. He attended the Corrections Academy in Springfield.

Before becoming warden, Harrington served as a correctional officer at Menard, internal security investigator at Stateville Correctional Center and was later appointed as IDOCís first central intelligence unit coordinator.

Harrington as served as deputy commander of investigations in the southern region and later at Menard became the chief of security and assistant warden before being promoted to warden.

Atchison is a 1984 graduate of Chester High School and two years later began his career with the Illinois Department of Corrections. Before becoming Warden, Atchison was the Deputy Commander of the Southern Region and Law Enforcement Liaison of the Illinois Department of Corrections Investigations and Intelligence Unit.

During the years of employment at Menard, Atchison has held several positions including Lieutenant, Shift Supervisor, Gang Intelligence Officer, Zone Lieutenant and Security Specialist.

Atchison is a 2006 graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigationís National Academy 226th session.