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April 5, 2011

Two more arrested in connection with March Meth Lab seizure in Chester

Chester Police have arrested two more in connection with the March Meth Lab seizure on Brenda Street in Chester.

Police have arrested 44-year-old Laura Lailer and 30-year-old Emily Albaugh both of Chester. Both have been charged with a Class X Felony of Aggravated Participation in Methamphetamine Production (in excess of 900 grams).

Chester Police have charged these individuals based on their alleged participation in Virgil "Wayne" Chambers’ production of methamphetamine.

These latest arrests bring the total to six in connection to last month’s raid of 46 year old Virgil "Wayne" Chambers’ home in Chester. In that raid, Police seized over 1600 grams of substances containing methamphetamine. Chambers is currently incarcerated at the Randolph County Jail with a bond amount set at $200,000.

Both David Roche and Amber Verville remain in custody at the Randolph County Jail as well with bonds set at $100,000 each. The fourth subject arrested, identified as Cathy Peeler, has since posted bond (10% of her $100,000 bond amount).

Deputy Chief Bobby Helmers says that additional arrests are still possible.